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Hempcrete for Building 


Hempcrete is the perfect building material to create a warm, eco-friendly home from natural products. Hempcrete is one of the most sustainable materials to build a passively designed house with, as it is a carbon-negative material, meaning that more carbon is neutralised due to growing hempcrete than is emitted from the production and use of the material for building.

Hempcrete is a bio-composite material, a mixture of hemp hurds (shives) and lime, used as a material for construction and insulation properties. This mixture can be infilled to the walls, used as blocks or prefabricated panels for exterior walls, creating warm insulation from the high R-value of hempcrete. Furthermore, its insulation properties generate qualities such as fantastic acoustics, breathability and mould resistance.


Benefits of Buildings Constructed From Hempcrete

There are plenty of reasons to consider using hempcrete as your primary material for your next construction project. Some of the advantages to using hempcrete in your residential build includes:

  • Carbon-negative building material

  • Made from renewable, natural materials 

  • Breathable, self-regulating temperature & humidity

  • Fireproof 

  • Pest & mould resistant 

  • Biodegradable 

  • Long-lasting and durable

No matter what size and scope you’ve planned for your new house, Erkhart Construction can make your passive home happen. Contact us today about how we can bring your dream building to life with an eco-friendly material like hempcrete. 

It's Hempcrete Time! Watch the Below Video to Find Out More About Our Hempcrete Process.

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