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Moraine Place
June 20, 2019
Northlake - Wanaka build by Erkhart Construction
June 30, 2017


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of stepping inside a strawbale home you will understand the warmth and comfort these earthen elements bring to a space.

With a background in photography and an eye for detail the client on this build had two requests; a home that would provide a comfortable environment year round and a home that would stand apart from the norm.

The first requirement was achieved by the use of thick strawbale walls. The performance of this little big house goes above and beyond the clients expectations providing warmth in winter with minimal heating and a nice cool space in summer.

The second requirement was achieved by a combination of natural and modern finishes. We accentuated the ascetic qualities of the strawbale walls with earth and lime plaster and married this with large timber beams, recycled doors, raw concrete, a sheek bathroom and minimalist kitchen to create a warm natural home both modern and unique.